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G.L.A.M. Me centers on God's love and mercy within us. I have accepted God's challenge to become one of His messengers, serving as a voice of reason to strengthen others' relationship with Him and facilitate inner growth, outer growth, and healing. This calling led me to create my YouTube series, "I am," as God urged me to evolve into the woman He intended me to be. He encouraged me to share my journey with vulnerability and transparency, connecting with others through my experiences.

In 2021, I underwent a wilderness year, where God stripped me down to nearly nothing, only to be reborn anew. Throughout this time, I learned true obedience, relying solely on God's love and His word. He guided me to shift my focus from outer beauty to inner beauty and elevated me spiritually.

During this transformative process, God called me to surrender entirely to His will and let Him use me without reservation. Since then, I have been promoted to a Christian Enthusiast and Evangelist, spreading His gospel, love, teachings, and word to disciple others. Through my testimonies, educational background, and divine direction, I aim to support and guide those who may feel isolated and burdened by trauma. I understand the struggles of feeling alone and how it can lead to depression and a compromised spirituality, potentially causing people to lose faith. My mission is to offer guidance, mentorship, and love, fostering growth, self-love, motivation, and healing to empower individuals worldwide and eradicate feelings of failure and insecurity.


​Makeup has always been a passion of mine. I started doing my own in the 7th grade due to early puberty. My mom knew how low my self-esteem was because of my acne; she bought me some Mary Kay face powder and my first set of makeup brushes. She taught me how to put on a little powder to hide my insecurities. Being able to cover my acne gave me a boost of confidence. Once I entered high school, I started wearing more makeup. I would practice with eye shadow, learned what concealer was and started wearing lipstick. I started taking my makeup skills seriously once I got into college. I would watch YouTube videos to learn different techniques. Eventually, I started investing in makeup classes by Color Du Jour to enhance my skills. I gained enough confidence in myself and began taking on clients. I love giving other women a boost of confidence by Glamming them up. The reactions on my clients faces after seeing their completed makeup warms my heart and gives me the motivation to continue perfecting my craft and taking clients. 

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