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Hey everyone! I'm Chassidy Mayo, the Founder of G.L.A.M Me!


G.L.A.M Me, which stands for God's Love and Mercy in Me, is a Christian ministry designed to help men and women heal and grow as individuals through Jesus Christ. As a passionate Christian enthusiast and evangelist, my mission is to spread God's gospel, love, teachings, and word to disciple others. I use my own testimonies, educational background, and divine guidance to support and guide those feeling isolated and burdened by trauma, helping them grow through Jesus Christ.


I understand the struggles of loneliness and its impact on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I'm dedicated to helping people overcome depression, anxiety, and doubts that might lead them to lose faith. My ultimate goal is to provide guidance, mentorship, and love, fostering personal growth, self-love, motivation, and healing. By empowering individuals worldwide, I aim to eliminate feelings of failure and insecurity.


As part of God's assignment for me, I also offer Christian Coaching & Counseling Services, and Mentorship for Women. I am committed to walking through life alongside others in all aspects. Let's embrace the blessings of faith and compassion together!


Additionally, I am thrilled to introduce the DFW Christian Collective Community. This vibrant group of Jesus Christ followers gathers to heal, deepen their relationship with God, and support one another in faith. We're dedicated to creating a community where no one walks alone on their faith journey. Our community focuses on promoting spiritual growth, personal healing, and deepening faith, through God's love. We're seeking individuals who desire spiritual growth, emotional healing, and a stronger connection with God. 

Join the DFW Christian Collective to be part of a community of Jesus Christ believers eager to grow, heal, and walk boldly in purpose with compassion and love.


For daily encouragement and God's word, visit my YouTube Channel @Chassidymayo as we walk this journey of faith together.

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